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Firstly, estrangement can be lonely. We tackle the stigma of estrangement by focusing on providing a support community where you will find others in a similar situation, as well as a wealth of estrangement resources.

A safe and supportive community 

Secondly, if you need advice or guidance regardless of where you are in your estrangement journey, at Breakaway you will find many others who have been in a similar situation and have made great strides in the healing process. Most importantly, our community is closely moderated to ensure no estranged parents can participate and that a safe environment is maintained.

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Check out our moderation rules to make sure our community is a good fit for you. Whether you want to heal through reading, posting or commenting on posts, all options are extensively utilised by our members.

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How Breakaway started

Maintained by the founding moderator of the Reddit community “EstrangedAdultKids“, Breakaway is a complementary resource repository for EAKers. The purpose of this website is to reach and support as many estranged adult children as possible. Given there are so few online resources available for us, Breakaway allows us to start/continue our healing journey.

Estranged for over a decade, Breakaway’s founder had no access to EAK resources or other EAKers. They do not want others to continue to suffer on their own without access to resources or support. If this resonates with you, check out our community over on Reddit – we’d love for you to introduce yourself or ask a question you can’t ask in real life.

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