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Estrangement Guides

If you are estranged or considering parental estrangement you may find the following guides helpful to your healing.

Written by an estranged adult child, these wiki guides are for consumption by estranged adult children.

Do you feel alone and the only one going through estrangement? Are you not sure how to safely estrange or continue estrangement? Fear not – we have helpful resources available for you.

Finally, check back as more wiki pages will be added to ensure this remains an authoritative resource for Estranged Adult Kids.

Surviving Estrangement

You've made a decision to estrange yourself from your unhealthy family - or perhaps the decision was made for you - so what now?

Boundary / No Contact Letters

Before sending a letter, email or text consider experiences of other Estranged Adult Children

Coping with death of an estranged parent or relative

One of the most feared and traumatic situations adult children face post-estrangement is the death of a parent or relative

Malicious Welfare Check

What to do if you find yourself subject to a malicious police welfare check

Prepare to Move Out

What to do if are in an unhealthy family situation and you've made the hard decision to estrange to keep yourself safe or rebuild your mental welfare

estrangement guides

Financial Estrangement

Tips for how to handle the financial aspect of parental estrangement